I have a choice

I feel compelled to write this article. Firstly, because I am a woman! I have a choice! Secondly, because I am informed, not embarrassed! My newsfeeds have been filled with an image of a harmless, and not in the least bit uncomfortable, transparent, plastic speculum recently with the following article accompanied with a tag line, … More I have a choice

Jackys Snails

A really simple cook this morning. Had a couple of tortilla wraps to use up and Jacky wanted to cook some fun food! 1. We pre-heated the oven to 200 degrees 2. Laid out our wraps (we only had 2) 3. Spread tomato purée all over and top with lovely cheese 4. We rolled our … More Jackys Snails

The Menstruation Game

Let’s talk menstrual cups! Moon cups, diva cups, Luna, juju, Lunette….there’s loads. Everyone will recommend a personal fave but they all do the same job and that job is to sit comfortably inside your vagina collecting your menstrual blood rather than absorbing it like a pad or tampon. It can be left in place up … More The Menstruation Game

So we had stopped nursing during day time hours because quite frankly it was driving me mad. Jacky is almost 2 and a half. I’d only planned to nurse him for a year but actually moving him onto milk from another creatures breast just didn’t make sense to me so I vowed to nurse him … More