Mama in the Middle

Mama in the middle of….life

Mama in the middle of….this house…right at the centre

Mama in the middle of…..parenthood

Mama in the middle of….discovering myself

I decided to start a blog. It’s the start of my journey of self discovery. I left school in 2005 with pretty decent GCSE’s and went straight into an office job before leaving at 17 to have my son in 2006. Leo was born 2 weeks before my 18th birthday. At 19 we were living in a grotty flat on a crime riddled estate where i gave birth to my daughter Chanelle in 2007. 19 year old, slightly chavvy Lauren liked the name, fast forward a year or so Chanelle became Nelly. In 2009 a huge lifeline was thrown our way in the form of a housing offer. A chance for me and my little chiddles to move to the opposite side of town to a new area where we would begin a fresh. New home, new people, new lifestyle and for that i am sooooooooo grateful. It was new beginnings for us.

In 2010 we met Dad! The chiddles were 2 and 3 and they adopted him! Our relationship grew from strength to strength and in 2015 Jacky was born. This is when life really began. Things and feelings were changing. I always said that Leo saved my life, Nelly gave me strength to begin again and Jax made me mature in so many ways. He made me wiser and i’ve gained so much knowledge since having him. I’ve learned lots about my children, my partner and myself.

Dad is a Dental Assistant. A good secure job that the children seem to be quite proud of. They’re also proud of the fact that Dad’s a drummer in a local band! They think thats pretty cool! I had several jobs over the years in office/admin/sales but seeing all the ‘career folk’ around me, it’s just not me.

I resigned from my sales job last year and since then have been “MUMMING THE SHIT OUT OF LIFE” and that, THAT is my career.

I’m creative, I love cooking for the family, I love to support my children and watch them grow. I love challenging social norms and following my instincts.

On this site you will find my passions about being baby led. Babywearing, co-sleeping, natural term breastfeeding, baby led weaning, gentle parenting.

You will find moaning, celebrating, discussion, debate and general mum stuff.

You will find creativity, making stuff, pinterest (oh my god i love pinterest).

You will find recipes that we love as a family and find ways to hide vegetables into your meals for the fussy ones.

In kids corner i’m going to let Leo and Nelly take a little bit of control and talk about their likes and dislikes. I’m sure Leo will use it to promote his instagram and youtube pages violet_vixen.

I’m currently in the process of writing a childrens novel too. It’s a mystical, fantasy, adventure tale which i hope to get publish in the near future!

So that’s me in 500 words! If you read to the end, I thank you! Hope you enjoy our blog!

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