You can’t play with that, it’s for girls!

Sex and gender are two different things….

Biological sex means you are born male or female with a penis or a vagina.

Gender is what society perceives our roles of male and female to be.

……sex and gender are two different things!!!

Being born with a Penis does not mean that you cannot play with dolls, does not mean you can’t like make-up, does not mean you can’t idolise females.

Being born with a Vagina does not mean that you cannot play with Action Men, does not mean you can’t like getting muddy, does not mean you can’t play football.

Dinosaurs are for everyone. Pink and Blue is for everyone. Cars are for everyone. Dolls are for everyone.

See that boy pushing that dolly in a pushchair, “You’re gonna make him gay,” they say. WRONG. That boy may be a father pushing his son/daughter in a pram one day, then, will he still be gay? It’s the most ridiculous thing.

It’s funny how people rarely say these things to girls. Although I have to say the name “Tomboy” annoys me quite a lot.

Society has decided that those things aren’t for you.

What kind of society tells males not to cry because that’s just not what men do?

What kind of society tells women that they belong at home in the kitchen and looking after children? Let your man provide for you….

I don’t agree with society.

Let me tell you my story.

I am a woman who has CHOSEN to be a stay-at-home Mum at the moment because it’s what I want to do. My significant other works long hours so I can cook and clean and take care of the children because it’s what I enjoy. I get time to hang out with my Mummy friends, I go to the park and play groups. I get to do crafts, bake and write my books. I’m content.

I have 3 children and each has been raised neutral of gender. Each has been given access to everything without telling them “No you can’t have that, it’s for girls,” “No you don’t want that. That’s a boys toy.”

IMG_3576My first born son. He’s 10. He’s a pretty incredible kid. He goes against society too. He is a male who is absolutely more than happy with the fact that he has a Penis. He is more than satisfied that he is Male. He is wonderfully happy that he aspires to be a make-up artist and a drag queen! He is amazing. He has been given the world with access to everything without it being categorised into Male or Female. So many things that he could choose from and he chose to like those things and we couldn’t be prouder. He is still Male.

IMG_3578My absolute kick ass daughter, 15 months between her and her older brother but they are nothing alike. Raised very closely. Share a bedroom. She too has been given the world and all of its contents. She can choose whatever she likes and she likes everything! I love her love of the outdoors and friendships. She is the girl I wish I was as a child. She is a child that doesn’t care about her appearance. She goes out without brushing her hair. She throws mismatching outfits and out she goes. She goes out all day rolling about in mud and grass playing with both boys and girls. Her toilet humour is gross and she loves making slime and playing tricks on people. She loves her Monster High dolls but doesn’t like to play Mum or coo over babies. She says she doesn’t want kids. She is Female.

IMG_3058The baby of the bunch. 2 years old. Loves going to play group and the woods and park. A real clever, gentle little soul with the most beautiful manners. Very attached to Mum and Dad. Hates busy places and loud noises. Loves Mr Tumble, Chris and Pui and the Twirlywoos. Likes dolls and Playdough and getting messy. He still has some catching up to do with determining what he likes and dislikes but he shall be shown everything in the world and he will get to choose whatever he wants to be interested in. It will not determine whether he is Male or Female.

Although, I do have confidence that this world is becoming more open-minded. We still have the older generations set in their ways who are less accepting of the merge in gender definition. I don’t blame them though. I blame society.

I am raising people. Not Men or Women as defined by society. People who define themselves.

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