They say a picture speaks a thousand words and yet I couldn’t think of a title for this blog.

With a dash of bad luck and a whole a load of stupidity, what we have here is an ‘if we don’t laugh about it, we will cry’ kind of story seemed like a too lengthy title.

The weather has been so great this week. It’s been beautiful. What a better way to spend a Saturday than chilling in the garden with the family and some grub! We chucked the BBQ out from last year and haven’t replaced it, (the other half is a ‘buy everything new next summer to avoid cleaning it’ type of guy), so we decided to buy a disposable BBQ for the occasion.

We placed a wooden crate on top of our glass table and then the BBQ on top of it. You can see the charred crate on the floor in the picture.

We dined on the most delicious salt and pepper turkey burgers, savoury rice, potato wedges and chicken kebabs then basked in the sun with our tummies full and our appetites satisfied.

An hour or so later while the coals were cooling we decided to stretch our legs and walk to the shop around the corner for some icy treats and chocolate.

10 year old Leo decided that he couldn’t be bothered to come to the shop so would just wait at home. We were only gone 10 minutes.

This is the part where “Our luck” that we always speak of comes into play. In the 10 minutes we were gone a coal had managed to burn its way through the BBQ container setting the wooden crate alight.

10 year old Leo sees flames out of the kitchen window fills a jug of water and throws it at the fire shattering the table immediately!

Skipping gleefully home from the shop with our bag full treats (not actually skipping but it paints a picture) we turn the corner to 3 floating heads peering over the garden fence and a worried Leo dancing around the garden. Instant panic set in.

The neighbours had been having a few wines in the garden and thought there’d been an explosion. We walk round the back and were greeted with this…..


Glass everywhere!!!

Some may say the moral of the story is to not place a disposable BBQ on top of a wooden crate on a glass table.

Some may say not to leave said BBQ, despite seeming as though it had cooled down, unattended especially around a child who had idea what to do in the case of a fire….LEAVE IT TO BURN! was what I answered when he asked “What was i meant to do?”

BUT i say the moral of the story is….stop throwing BBQ’s away at the end of the summer season! then this would never have happened….


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