My Quest

I seem to be on a constant quest to better myself. Aren’t we all though? Or most of us. I have a picture in my mind of who I want to be and everytime I tick off one of the characteristics that I have met or accomplished I get a huge sense of self satisfaction.

I want to be…..

……A stay-at-home Mum- A Ghanaian relative was visting my grandmother and said to me “You are so successful. In Ghana we measure success on how happy and healthy you are as a family. We see success in thriving relationships between partners, success in raising beautiful, sweet children.”   I’ve been a stay-at-home Mum for the last 2 years and am loving every minute. It consumes all that I am. It’s the best job title in the world to me.

…….Self sufficient-  Well sort of. I want to be able to do things for myself. Of course there are some conveniences in modern day life that I would not sacrifice i.e. running water, buying meat that has been prepared for me, electricity, heating and hot water. But what i mean is being more conscious about our choices. This week we have started planting fruit and vegetables. Our aim is to grow our own organic vegetables to feed the family. We have taken seeds from fruit and roots from veg we have already purchased. We have used free palettes from the bins of a warehouse (asked first of course) to create our own little fruit and veg farm. I will be writing about this when it’s more established and things start to grow a little more. Heres a sneak peek.


…..chemical free- I’ve become hugely concerned about the chemicals that we inject, ingest and apply to our skin. I am widely aware that in this day and age it’s all about money and not health and well-being. Over the past couple of years I have begun to read the labels of foods and products that we use. I have made some changes but want to make more. I want to experiment with sun creams and household cleaners next and possibly soaps and deodorant. Even sanitary products. I am going to sew my own sanitary towels and change to more ecomonic ways to clean my home and wash our clothes. I’ve ditched the plug in air fresheners and candles. Theres still work to be done. A lot of work but it’s all a working progress.

…..frugal- I want to be less wasteful. I want to make things out of nothing/scraps. A couple of weeks back I made some shorts and trousers for myself and kids out of bedsheet and old clothing and they rocked! They really did! This week we made a vegetable garden from old crates and a bench from a single palette. I want to continue using old to make new or creating something out of seemingly nothing. It really does make me feel so achieved!

……educated- I’m opening my eyes. I’m looking beyond. My mind is a sponges and i’m thinking outside the box. I refuse to believe everything I hear and I refuse to follow what “Professionals” tell me to, after all professionals only recite from a book created by corporations who are spurred on by money. I want to follow my own instincts. I want to research and make my own mind up and decide for myself. I’ve been called a hippy before for this way of thinking. I find this odd. Is it because I am free in my own thoughts and not ‘follow’ like sheep?

….a chef- I’m not after michelin stars. I just want my children grow up and say “My mum made the best food!” I want to be baker. I want to make fresh bread and cake without all the extra processes and additives to make them bouncy and soft and last longer. I want to cook with fresh food and I want to ensure my family gets healthy meals. I’ve pretty much been doing this since Leo was born 10 years ago and it isn’t as expensive as people say it is if you plan your meals. Its easier said than does though and at the moment, since we had Jacky 2 years ago, I am exhausted and sometimes take aways or lazy oven food have to do.

……an explorer- I want to travel and discover. I know I will have plenty of time to do this but i want my kids to do it with me. I know school is for education but i truly believe there is no better education than experience and I want us to experience the world. I want to walk for miles on every terrain, swim in natural lakes, climb hills and mountains, taste local cuisine, meet people.

…..unmaterialistic- i don’t want ‘Things’ to matter. Memories matter. Experience matters. I don’t want to be tied to objects. Sure it’s nice to have things but i want my things to be humble not extravagant. I can’t comprehend spending thousands on jewellery or hundreds on shoes. I just doesn’t sit right with me.

…….a teacher- I want my children to be live life and love life. I hope i have taught them to be natural and free. I want them to be open-minded and generous. I want them to see that the world truly is their oyster. I want them to see that, just like i do. I hope that i’ve given them the tools to become outstanding adults. I hope that they take risks and own accepts their fault and own their mistakes. Everyone wants whats best for their children. I hope that they can be better than I am.


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