Happy Fathers Day by Jax and Mummy xx




If I were a knight,

You would be my armour, lance, my shield,

You’d give me protection on the battlefield.



If I were a wizard,

You would be my magic wand,

Your imagination takes us to mystical places beyond.



If I were an astronaut up in outer space,

You would be the rocket ship that got me their in the first place.




Dad, because of you I am brave, I’m confident and strong,       IMG_4257[1]

You give me love and patience,

You give me your time,

You show me right and wrong.



You are always gentle, always kind, my very first best friend,

We kick the ball, we explore, we paint, we run and play pretend.






If I were an acrobat you would be my safety net,

You give me space to take the risk but catch me if I slip.




IMG_4260[1]If I were an inventor you would be my bright idea,

You give me knowledge, you teach me well, I admire, I watch, I hear.






But most of all,

If I were a Father,

If I were put to the test……




I would be the greatest Dad in the world as I’ve learnt from the best!




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