Four and twenty black birds baked in a pie….

Not last night but the night before, at the age of 2yrs and 3 months, our little Jacky had his first nightmare 🙁 He woke with a shrill scream and was frantically swiping non-existent objects away from him. He was wailing “blackbirds!” I cradled him to my chest and he sobbed “Jackys scared.” It took us almost 4 hours to calm him down and get him back to sleep. It turns out he was dreaming that teddy bears were ripping blackbirds tails off and baking them in a pie! 2 years old with dreams like that 😳 is this normal?!

Seems like such a vivid dream for a young mind to have…the torture of beautiful feathery creatures by satanic teddy bears that are usually warm and cuddly. Ripping of their little tails then chucking them in a pie to bake.

I’m going to blame the nursery rhyme “Sing a song of six pence” for this one! 

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