Today Was A Great Day For Parenting And Then…..

Today was a beautiful day. It was a ‘nothing special’ kind of day. Daddy had a day off so we were happy! It was a marvellous way to end a terrible week. A week of Jax going to bed between 7-8, sleeping for 4-5 solid hours then waking for 2 hours before going back to sleep but waking every 30-40-60 minutes til 6ish wake up. No napping during the day either, meaning one incredibly grumpy child and incredibly grumpy Mum. Motivation level was zero. I was feeling really low and in a bit of a rut like somehow i’d made massive mistakes and that i was doing it all wrong, and tonight was going to be my night to moan about it in this blog but today was a game changer.

It was one of those days where you feel so amorous and just in sheer enjoyment of one another. Those days don’t happen often. The days where everyones feelings were in sync. The older two were at school so todays plan was just a roll with it, chill kind of day.

We spent lots of time on the livingroom floor playing various games. Breakfast was eaten without complaint. We played in the garden a lot. We sanded a picnic table together, cut the hedges. Jacky even invited us to share our lunch of spicy tomato soup at his little dining table (we usually eat on the couch, no dining room, small kitchen). Happy times. He was so cuddly and bubbly and we all felt very connected today.


In the afternoon I swept the driveway and watched him play, driving his sit and ride JCB tractor and collecting stones and putting them in his ‘boot’ (the seat that lifts up on the tractor). I stood there for a moment and watched him while thinking about how much i’ve enjoyed him today. I needed today. We’d had such a shitty week of tantrums, destructiveness and just feeling so disconnected that today felt so blissful. I watched as he rolled his digger back and forth on something on the ground. I watched as he used his hands to dig through ‘mud’, one of his favourite things to do. I watched as he grabbed handfuls of mustard brown slop, picking up and dropping it on the ground…..


……”NO NO NO! THAT’S POO!” I screamed. (Instantly I remembered earlier when Sean was cutting the hedges him telling me there was a diarrhoea mound swarming with flies. I made a mental note to clean it up later when i’d finished watering the veg). Immediate panic set in as he started frantically flapping his shit covered mits around. I ran towards him whilst globules of poop shot through the air like shrapnel from a grenade explosion. It was on his tractor (we will revisit this later) on his trousers, his jumper and dripping from his finger tips. He was sobbing his little heart out with arms outstretched as i guided him at arms length to the kitchen to wash up. I felt so guilty for my reaction but I was in shock. I’m sure he knew it was poo. He must’ve.

All nice and clean and cuddled we went back to playing. I’ll clean up the poo and the tractor later, I thought. We built brick towers that Jacky smashed to the ground. He climbed on my back, wiped boogers on me while laughing with his cheeky boy face. We spun ourselves dizzy and lay around giggling like fools. Our beautiful ‘nothing special ‘ day was back on track.

We visited Nana in the afternoon and raided her fridge and cupboards for goodies.

When we got home we made pizza and played in the garden as it cooked. I took the washing in while Jax was pottering about playing. I came back out to the garden “Jacky where are you?” Quiet. “Jacky?”…. I look around the side of the house and there he is with his beloved tractor….”Poo’s dry now Mum,” he shouts while scratching said poo off with his finger nails….

Still nothing could ruin this wonderful day!


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