So I did a thing….

I think I’ve found my calling. I think I know what I want to do….I want to be an Author.

It’s taken me to the age of 28 to figure this out. It started with blogging. My Auntie encouraged me. She saw my views, my opinions. She heard my voice. So I did it. I purchased my domain and began to share my unfiltered thoughts and opinions and I love it. I really enjoy writing.

I’m a vivid dreamer. Most mornings when I wake up it takes me a minute or two to differentiate between my dreams and reality. Can be scary if it’s a particularly bad dream, I’ve dreamt of baby loss in later pregnancy often, quite upsetting. Last night I cried aloud but manage to calm myself. I didn’t wake up but I somehow knew i was crying out loud in real life and managed to control whilst in a dream state still. My 14 year old brother had suddenly died and in my dream I had been keeping it together for everyone else then in a quiet moment I crumbled. It was really upsetting even after I had woken. Sometimes my dreams are like movies. Like epic adventures playing out in real time.

One morning I sat upright and woke my partner laying next to me. “Bum,” (Yes that’s what we call each other, no idea why, can’t even remember where it came from, suppose it suits us better than babe or honey) “I’ve just had an awesome dream”

I began to reel off what I had just dreamt.

His reply “Write a book.”

Now I’m not sure whether he was serious or whether it was one of those ‘yeah yeah shut up and let me go back to sleep’ responses but I took his word for it and I wrote a bloody book.

My book is based on my daughter Nelly cause the name Nelly Noakes is pretty cool almost like a Marvel name and I thought it had a nice ring to it. It’s about a girl who discovers that there is more to her than the lonely girl with no friends, the girl who hates school. She discovers Jinx, the Torax, and he becomes her best friend. Jinx is a magnificent black scaly creature that has the power to make his skin dance with colourful patterns. She learns things about her dear Nanny that she never knew which brings them closer than ever. She blossoms into a brave, courageous girl and rescues people and creatures that have been captured by a wicked witch. It’s a story of danger, family, courage, adventure, fantasy and friendships.

I wrote the book with my son and daughter in mind. Its a short tale of 10 chapters, 12,000 words that I’m hoping will captive the minds of children from 8 to possibly 12/13 years of age.

Its available in e-book and paperback edition on Amazon. The links are below. If you purchase a copy I’ll be forever grateful. If you don’t purchase but simply share the links you are adding to my journey.

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

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