So we had stopped nursing during day time hours because quite frankly it was driving me mad. Jacky is almost 2 and a half. I’d only planned to nurse him for a year but actually moving him onto milk from another creatures breast just didn’t make sense to me so I vowed to nurse him until he no longer needed it. Little did I know that the natural age for weaning is between 2.5-7 years. That is such a long time! Nursing didn’t become less as he got older it started to become more. Pulling and grabbing at my top up to 8 times a day and then a further 8 times a night. It was exhausting and bad for my mental health. I couldn’t go anywhere without him (not that I particularly wanted to but it would be nice to poo privately!)

One day I’d had enough and decided that there would be no day time nursing. We had been awake 3 hours and already nursing 4/5 times. I told him that there wasn’t enough milk for day and night so we would save the milk all day so that there was plenty at night. I expected a fight or some sort of disagreement but there wasn’t. “Okay,” he said and just like that it began. 

It’s been a month now and it’s been great! He’s more interested in food. He’s able to play without me being right next to him. I can leave him to go with Daddy knowing he can be comforted in others ways. Also I’m enjoying the freedom and I don’t feel guilty for it one bit.

 He still wakes about 10 times a night and nurses maybe 8 of them but we will tackle that at a later date. I don’t feel he’s ready for that yet. I wouldn’t have continued to ‘ban’ day nursing had he not been happy with it either.  

Sometimes though, the little creeper grabs his blankie and sneaks up on to my lap, looks me in the eye with a cheeky grin and politely requests “doo doo?” 

Evidently I can’t refuse!  

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