Summer is here! Well almost! It was here a couple of weeks ago and the weather was amazing for a week. The last week it has been so wet. Its been miserable. BUT, that doesn’t matter. The sun will be back again.

On my quest to be a bit more ‘frugle’ i decided that this year i’m going to try to make our summer clothes out of clothes we no longer wear or materials/bedsheets. Sure we will probably still buy the odd thing here and there. I’m not a seamstress. Not at all! Very far from it. I have a basic little Singer machine and unless you examined my work closely (or turned them inside out) you wouldn’t know the difference.

This week I made my youngest a couple of pairs of shorts out of bedsheets.

Myself some trousers at of an old maxi dress that i no longer wear due to chafing.


I have also made trousers for my little one and his bestfriend out of the same bedsheet I used for the shorts and the other pair out of one of Jacky’s Dads old t-shirts.

I’ve created a little diagram if anyone would like to try them. They took me around 20 minutes. The method shown is how i made the shorts but the trousers are pretty much the same just a longer leg. I found them nice and easy to make for a first time clothes makers.