I did it! I published my book. It’s just a short one to begin with but I’m already writing a bigger and better sequel. It’s aimed at children around 8-13 years old. I’ve got the writing and I’m so eager to make something of it. You can purchase my book on Amazon. It’s available in e-book and paperback versions.

“Nelly was a nice girl. Kind, caring, and quiet. At 9 years old she stood much smaller than the other children at school. She had dark shoulder length hair which would always cover her face. Behind the messy strands lay her big brown eyes and tiny button nose dotted with freckles.”…….

…..but there’s more to Nelly than meets the eye. More than even she knows. Join her on a journey of self-discovery. A journey of fantasy, adventure, courage, and friendships. A tale twisted with curious creatures, a mystical mermaid, and a vindictive villain. Nelly learns to open her eyes and see the world in all its dimensions. She becomes closer to Nanny more than ever when she realises how alike they really are. With her best friend Jinx she finds a way to save the Professor and Heidi along with Lady Eastwicks other victims banishing Lady Eastwick to another realm inside the Capture. Nelly has been chosen. She’s not sure what for yet but someone has plans for her and this is just the beginning.

Paperback edition

E-book edition